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Week 1: Wagon Wheels

On your marks… get set… bake!

The first week of Bake Off has been and gone, and this weeks technical challenge was Wagon Wheels, set by Paul Hollywood. I used to absolutely love Wagon Wheels when I was younger! I usually had one in my lunch box when I went to school.

I absolutely applaud the bakers for doing this in two hours. This has taken me almost 6 hours! To be fair though, I got my ingredients, then I realised I was missing half the ingredients when I started making the marshmallow filling. I also burnt the raspberry jam the first time round too. I definitely think I could have broken someone’s teeth, had I used the original batch!

I phoned Jen (my future sister in law) up in a panic, asking where she brought her Glucose from. Jen is doing the same weekly bakes as I am, so I know if I’m stuck, I can give her a ring! I managed to find some glucose in the end, but it just felt like things were going from one thing to another, as I left my dough in the fridge for far too long, as I nipped to the local Chippy to grab some lunch. I also managed to melt one of my mums plastic bowls to the saucepan when I was melting the chocolate… rookie error!

So I started off by measuring my ingredients (as you do with any bake really!) and found quickly, that the techniques were similar to making Rock Cakes, one of my dads favourites! Mixing the ingredients together to make fine bread crumbs, before adding the sugar, egg yolk and vanilla paste.

Next I made my raspberry jam, mashing the raspberries before adding the sugar. I’ve made jam before, but never such a small quantity! It cooked far too quickly, so I managed to burn the first lot (cue another trip to Tesco…).

Time to put the biscuits in the oven! They came out a lovely golden brown. One side ready to be coated in chocolate, and the other with the marshmallow I had made. Now for the messy part!

Now if you like mess, this will be right up your street! I have managed to get chocolate all over my jeans, and up my arms. I was going to swap the Dark Chocolate for milk chocolate instead, as not everyone likes dark chocolate, but, I wanted to stick to the original recipe and follow it to the letter!

The finished product

Overall I loved the bake! Soft biscuit, and sweet jam and marshmallows. Would I bake this again? I don’t think I will! Far too messy for my liking, but it was fun!


Chelsea x

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