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Week 3: Naan Bread with Garlic Ghee

Gosh, I can’t believe we’re in the third week already! Bake off is in full steam now, and I am in love with Rahul! He is definitely one of my favourites this year, and I think I might start a riot if he goes home.

This weeks technical bake was Naan bread. I’m excited to try this, firstly because it’s got a short cooking time, and also because the word Naan means ‘bread’ in Persian. So this week, we’re making bread bread. I am also excited this about this bake, because my best friend Hollie and I, usually enjoy a homemade curry, cooked by her Dad, Nev, most Saturday evenings. We haven’t been able to do this much recently but it’s our own special time I cherish together. That and the fact we call each other Tamwar, I can’t remember where that came about, but it’s just stuck!

Ready to bake

I surprisingly have all the ingredients needed for this bake already which is fabulous for my bank account! The beginnings of the Naan were really simple to put together. This bake only takes an hour, altogether, so that’s the making of the dough, the baking, making the garlic ghee too.

I started off by whisking my milky mixture to add to the flour. I started to make my breakfast this morning, when I realised I needed the natural yoghurt I had in the fridge, was for the Naan. Lucky I hadn’t added the fruit or honey!

I then moved onto making a well in the flour, ready to pour in the milk mixture.

Then it got slightly messy!

The mixture was incredibly wet. I honestly didn’t think it would be this sticky, as the recipe said I needed to kneed until it was smooth… there was nothing smooth about this in the slightest! I passed the kneeling responsibilities onto my mum, as I had to pop to Sainsbury’s to have a injection. Who knew Sainsbury’s gave vaccinations against Hepatitis B?!

I then had to proof the dough, but we didn’t have anywhere warm enough. So I popped it in my car for half an hour. While this was proofing, I made the garlic ghee. The first time I made it, I was also trying to make Jaffa Cakes, and I burnt my mums sieve.

Apparently Nylon doesn’t mix well with hot butter. So I asked mum for a bit of help again

Finally, the naan has proofed, and it’s ready to be split into eight pieces to be cooked. I loved watching the dough rise really quickly.

These cooked really quickly too so it was tough to keep an eye on the naans, so they didn’t burn too quickly. At last, I had eight naan breads. So far they’ve had good reviews! Lovely with a nice korma!

Here’s the recipe:

My faith has been restored in my cooking! Have a lovely week!

Chelsea x

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