Rolling in the new year with a Fresh Start

So it’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything on my blog. I’ve had a few steps to overcome recently. My lovely and beautiful Mama passed away, I had a job which I had to desperately get out of, and then I started my new job. I also celebrated my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. So to say it was a busy end of the year, was definitely an understatement!

Anyway, happy new year! This year I’ve vowed to concentrate more on my blog, and further my baking skills, by trying new and exciting recipes. I recently tried some Gluten Free bakes and I’m pleased to report these were a success!

Kicking off the new year, I popped round to my boyfriends house (where I spend 99% of my time) and we decided to cook dinner for his parents. Josh and his family always make incredibly delicious dishes, and have a lovely collection of cook books. I offered to make desserts and Kirsti asked if I’d like to try a mousse from Tom Kerridges cook book “Fresh Start”.

Looking at the recipe, I was shocked to see Avocado in a chocolate mousse! Avocado is savoury, and goes well with Salmon. Still, I love to have a go at new things, and I feel this could quickly become a favourite!

Starting off, we popped to Tesco, and found some lovely fresh ingredients. We didn’t buy the Macadamia or Pecan nuts stayed in the recipe, as it was almost £5 for a very small bag of each! Carefully selecting the ingredients, to ensure the avocados and bananas were ripe, and also finding alternatives to the expensive nuts, while also making horrendous puns about different foods.

Back at Josh’s house, he started to make the jerk chicken dish, with rice and sweet potato hash. I thought I’d get started on the dessert, so we could be finished at roughly the same time.

I started by chopping the bananas, and scooping out the avocado. Josh suggested I use a NutriBullet mixer instead of a food processor, as it’s quicker, less time consuming, and easy to use.

All packed in, I started to feel like I had forgotten something, but double checking the recipe, it was all in there. Vanilla extract, orange extract, avocado, banana, orange zest, dates, milk, cocoa powder and maple syrup.. It was definitely all there! Turning on the NutriBullet, it was all combined within seconds.

I popped the mousse into a sandwich bag, and started piping into some glasses. This recipe serves 8, so don’t be fooled by the quantity that is there! The mousse is very rich, so you don’t need a lot in a bowl. I then got the substitute nuts (we used cashews) and started crumbling them, chopping them into small chunks.

The recipe was finished off by a sprinkle of nuts on top of the mousse, with dark chocolate savings on top, and some sea salt flakes lightly sprinkled over the chocolate. The salt mixed with the sweet, made a real flavour explosion, and paired together beautifully.

Obviously, I needed to take a good picture, to showcase the mousse. This is definitely where Josh came in handy, with his hospitality experience and degree.

The finished product:

Both of us said it needed some greenery added to it. Josh has previously worked for The Savoy, as well a Michelin starred restaurant, so he made and popped some lime zest curls onto the mousse, to give it that pop of colour.

I really enjoyed making this dessert! Something so different and simple, made so elegant. Tom Kerridge is an incredible chef, and I’d urge anyone to try this recipe.

I’m not too sure what my next bake will entail, but I shall be looking through the cookbooks over the next week, to find something to make and write about!

Have a lovely week!

Chelsea x

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