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The Devil Wears Red Velvet

There’s just something I love about making a Red Velvet cupcake. How something that seems so complex, is really rather simple. I’ve linked one of my favourite cupcakes to one of my favourite films The Devil Wears Prada. I wish I was as sassy as Miranda Priestly in this film! I think the Red Velvet is something that seems rather devilish. Not only because of its colour, but also, it’s something that you can indulge in, something so moist and chocolatey. I always thought this bake was well beyond my capabilities when I first started baking, but really it’s quite simple! I decided to up the complexity by using gluten free products, and also an American recipe. American recipes always seem to have their measurements in cups. This is completely out of my comfort zone, as anyone who knows me, knows I HATE baking this way! I find it very slapdash and not very accurate.

Still, I’m up for giving anything a go! I started off my mixing together my sugar and butter. This went EVERYWHERE. I’m not even joking, up the cupboards, across the walls, inside every nook and cranny in my kitchen! I’ve now learned to cream the butter by itself, and slowly add the sugar, to avoid this mess. I then added my three eggs.

At this stage, the recipe says to mix the cocoa powder, the vanilla extract and the red food dye into a bowl separately, then add into the butter mixture. The cocoa powder was not very forgiving and was too dry to add the dye into. So I decided to combine these into the butter mixture separately. Otherwise I could have added too much red dye and changed the texture, taste and consistency of the mixture completely.

At this point I began to worry, as my mixture looked so thick, and cake mixture shouldn’t be thick! I thought about jacking it in and starting again, or just forgetting about the idea of this bake completely. Then I remembered I forgot to add the buttermilk!

After adding this, and the red food dye, the mixture was still thick, so I added some milk, just a tiny amount, because you can always add to the mixture, but never take away. I was very happy with the colour as that’s what is so eye catching about a red velvet cupcake.

Finally ready for the oven! The recipe says 17 minutes to bake, but I found they needed much longer. Whether this is because I had it on the bottom shelf, or too much in the oven, I’m not entirely sure, but I do know, no one likes under baked cakes!

Freshly baked and straight out the oven! I am slightly disappointed by the colour of them after they’re baked, I was hoping for a bright red. I think this means I used too much cocoa powder. Hopefully they’re more red on the inside. This is the reason I like to pull apart one of the cakes, see how it tastes, the texture and the colour.

The finished product:

For the frosting, I made a simple cream cheese frosting. This consists of vanilla extract, Philadelphia cream cheese and icing sugar. It brings it all together!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, have a great week!

Chelsea x

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