Bananas are so Appealing

As I was scrolling through recipes online, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to bake this week. I had my heart set on cake pops, but being so close to payday, and Livin’ La Vida Broke-a, the ingredients for cake pops were too much. Speaking to the girls at work too, they helped me come to the decision, to make a Banofee cupcakes with cream topping and salted caramel sauce. In other words… heaven in a cupcake case.

Baking is my happy place, and recently I’ve had a few falling-outs with my recipes. They haven’t been going right at all! It’s made me feel quite disheartened but I didn’t want to give up.. I just wanted to stop with the American recipes! I turned to one of my favourite sites that has never failed me… BBC Good Food.

I started my measuring out my ingredients. I had to find ground cardamom but today of all days, every person within the PO postcode clearly wanted ground cardamom.. so Tesco has sold out. I spent a good half an hour pealing and de-shelling cardamom pods, ready to grind down to a powder. Clever as this was cheaper? Or plain stupid because I could have gone to a different supermarket instead?

Anyway, all ground together, I started to combine the ingredients.

I started with my eggs and golden caster sugar. I definitely prefer to bake with golden caster, it adds a lovely light brown colour and I feel it makes the cakes more delicate. I also added the butter, I normally just put my butter in straight from the fridge, but the recipe said to melt it, and add it to the mixture into a stream. I’ve never used melted butter into a cold mixture before, but I’m definitely converted to adding my butter like this now!

Finally I added my banana and yoghurt mixture, to the butter egg and sugar mixture. I alternated this with the flour mixture. I was worried I didn’t have enough banana in my mixture, but after a quick taste, they definitely had enough banana in! Hopefully the banana stayed after it had been baked. No we are ready for the oven!

Now, the recipe said 25-30 minutes… I can assure you, you really don’t need this long! More like 18-20 minutes. I’m really disappointed at the colour on top, as some of them look a bit crisp, but I’m hoping this is just the colour of baking, and now because they’re overdone, as that will mean they’ll be dry.

As always, before I do the icing, I pull apart a cupcake to see if it’s baked, and how it tastes, so I don’t waste what I’d used to make the topping.

Fast forward to the next day. The topping uses fresh bananas and whipped double cream, so I didn’t want to do the topping too far in advance, and risk the bananas going black and the cream running.

I started off my making the salted caramel sauce topping, this started off relatively easy… until it came to adding the sea salt. I apparently shook the salt shaker too hard… and well, I’ll let the photo tell the story.

All these flavours, and it chose to be salty. I have never scream SHIT, so loudly before. I thought I could scoop all the salt out before it melted and combined and well.. no. I thought I’d try a bit and:

^photo footage of me. So I started again, and decided instead of shaking the salt, I’d pinch the salt and channel my inner salt bae.

Then I whipped the cream, and folded in the yoghurt into the cream. I also chose to add some vanilla bean paste, to get a slight hint of vanilla flavouring into the topping cream. It then came to assembling the cakes and my favourite part… the end product and taking the photos!

And here we have it! Banoffee cupcakes, with cream and salted caramel sauce. These have been a hit at home, and hopefully a hit at work too!

Have a good rest of the week, and I’ll be writing another post soon!

Chelsea x

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