Gluten Free cake pops

This week, I decided to make cake pops. I’ve scrolled through Instagram, Pinterest and various other blogs online and absolutely love the look of them! I thought to myself “eh, how hard can they be?”… well HARD is the answer to that question!

I’ve got my own cake pop machine but I wanted to find a recipe where I could do it all myself. I thought putting the batter into a machine and letting that do its thing, would take the fun out of finding and trying a new recipe.

This recipe I found is from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I made my recipe gluten free though, so tweaked it slightly! I started off by adding gluten free flour, baking powder, sugar and cocoa powder. For Gluten Free ingredients I typically use flour from whichever supermarkets Free From range, but all the other ingredients I try to use Dr Oetker, as the majority of this brands products are GF. (Just remember to double check the labels!)

I then whisked together my vanilla bean paste, eggs and vegetable oil. Is it weird I love the look of raw eggs?! No idea why but I feel like I could just stare at them for a little while… strange right? Anyway, once that was whisked up, I mixed it with my dry ingredients with a wooden spoon. If you go straight in with the hand whisk, it just goes EVERYWHERE.

It will look really dry, stodgy and there will be pockets of dried ingredients, but at least the dry ingredients won’t be mixed in the air and layering the counters with chocolate-y, sugary, flour mix. To thicken this up use hot water. Roughly 100ml, or until you think it’s thick enough.

It should leave a trail like above. This, I would say is a perfect consistency. If you stand the mixer up, it should also drip and leave a trail off of the mixer.

I perfect to use a hand whisk when I bake, as I feel like I have way more control! If I use the Kenwood stand alone mixer, I tend to forget about it, and I feel like it’s less hands on. I really prefer to get stuck into my baking and do most of it myself.

Afterwards, I put the cake mix into a tray. At home we have a full sandwich bag of old butter foils, that we have finished, but still have enough butter on, to grease up a baking tin, it’s a cost effective way to grease up a tin!

Now, the cake should take 25-30 minutes to bake.. but if you have an oven like mine, where you can’t see any of the temperature numbers, you’ll realise your cake could be in the oven for an hour, and you’ll be putting a layer of grease proof paper on top of the cake, so it doesn’t burn.

Once the cake is cooled enough, you can crumble the cake. I used a food processor for this part, as I wanted really fine crumbs. While this is doing its thing, you can make the frosting.

This looked SO YUMMY and was SO DIFFICULT not to eat the whole bowl. I just wanted to sit and watch a series on Netflix, and eat this all day, but I had work so that wasn’t really an option… but now it’s the weekend, I think that could be a plan.

Afterwards, the crumbs can be put into the frosting and mixed together. I used my hand whisk again for this, to make sure it was all combined. Then, with a tea spoon, gathering uk a small amount of frosting/cake mix, I made them into little balls, ensuring they weren’t too big, otherwise they’d fall off the lollipop stocks.

These then needed to cool in the fridge for two hours. I may have eaten a couple at this point, but that was pretty inevitable!

When you’re ready, dip the stick into chocolate, and then push it into the cake pop, and leave this to set. As you can see, some of the sticks are shorter than others. I made a rookie error of not getting enough sticks, so had to chop them in half.

Afterwards, the messy part! Covering the cake pops. I wanted to make a galaxy/marble effect cake pop. This required white chocolate and food colouring. I made the mistake of getting food gel and not runny colouring.

The first one, I feel turned out really well… but the next one? Well it looked like a Smartie McFlurry that had melted. My Pinterest cake pop dreams were running away from me, and FAST! They looked a state.

And the shape looked awful too! Very frustrating. So, instead of carrying on with this, I abandoned ship and found some milk and dark chocolate in the cupboard, from when I made cupcakes a couple weeks ago.

These looked FAR better. The shape still wasn’t correct, but I feel like this is because it was cold and the chocolate was setting so quickly.

I finished by adding my glaze spray to the chocolate, to give it that lovely shiny finish.

I thought they turned out well, and tasted delicious! They just didn’t look like how I wanted them too, and I just can’t help but feel disappointed to not have them turn out how I wanted them too. I know what I have to do for next time, and they definitely aren’t as easy as they look! This weekend I’ve decided to try and make Macaroons, so hopefully they’ll turn out better than these.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Chelsea x

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